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What is a quilt guild?

A quilt guild is an organization of people who are interested in learning about quilting and textile arts or who have an appreciation of quilts and quilt history. A quilt guild provides support and encouragement to quilters of all ages and abilities.

Is a quilt guild the same as a quilting bee?

No. The guild is a larger gathering of quilters and quilt enthusiasts that meets monthly to discuss Guild business and, sometimes, hear a speaker. A bee (or working group) is a usually a smaller group of people who get together and quilt. There are several smaller working groups attached to our guild. For information about one in your area come visit one of our monthly meetings or email one of the contacts on our contact page.

Can I be a member of your guild if I’m also a member of another guild?

Yes. Some of our members are in two or even three guilds!

What is required of members?

Just that you pay the dues. How often you go to the meetings and participate in the other activities is up to you. We also encourage a contribution of at least one snuggle quilt a year for the Child Protective Services and Family Connections

Why should I join your Guild?

Joining a guild gives you the opportunity to meet quilters of all skill levels and interests; a chance to participate in workshops to help develop your quilting skills; to gather information about quilting in and around El Dorado County; to participate in events that challenge your skills and push your limits; to show off your latest successful project and commiserate with friends on your not so successful projects; and don’t forget the added benefit of discounts available at selected quilt shops (ask at your favorite stores!).

Do you have guest speakers?

Yes, many of our meetings include a guest lecturer who brings tips and new techniques to try as well as demonstrating some of their fabulous artwork.

Do you encourage “modern quilting”

Yes, we encourage all areas of quilting. Modern, Contemporary, Traditional, Paper Piecing, Appliqué, Fabric Art and Wearable Art. If it can be done in fabric we encourage it.

What is your membership year?

Our membership year is from April through March. Our annual membership drive is in March, but if there is room, we accept new members all year-round, with a prorated membership fee.

How much does it cost?

Our annual fee is $36.

Are there men in your guild?

We encourage any quilter or fabric artist to join our guild.

Do I need to be an “expert” Quilter to join?

No; we have all varieties of skill levels; from those only interested in learning about quilts and quilt history to beginner quilters with a twinkle in their eye or one unfinished project in their resume to advanced quilters with years of quilting under their belts and with many finished and unfinished projects to their credit.

Are the facilities handicapped accessible?

Yes the American Legion Hall where we meet is handicapped accessible. But if you need additional help, please contact us for assistance.