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2019 Quilt Show Winners

  2019 !st Place Winner Large Quilts  

2019 1st place Large quilt Viewer choice award
Spring Wheels by Cheryl Owen

2019 2nd place Large Quilt Winner

2019 2nd Place Large quilt Viewer Choice award
Chicken Run by Carol Wyllie

2019 3rd Place winner Large Quilts
2019 3rd Place Large Quilt Viewer's Choice Award
Flower Garden by Lydia McGowin

2019 1st place Medium Quilt Winner

2019 !st Place Medium Quilt Viewers Choice Award
Gingerbread Houses by Lynne Hanson

2019 2nd Place Medium Quilt Winner
2019 2nd Place Medium quilt Viewer Choice award
Life On A Farm by Nancy Hitchcock

2019 3rd Place Medium Quilt Winner
2019 3rd Place Medium Quilt Viewer's Choice Award
Christmas. By Jayne Moore

2019 1st place Winner Small Quilts

2019 1st Place Small Quilt Viewers Choice Award
Oh Those Roosters. By Shannon Bucionis

2019 2nd place Small Quilt Winner

2019 2nd Place Small Quilt Winner
Folk Tales. By Beverly Schwarzberg

2019 3rd Place Winner Small Quilts

2019 3rd Place Small Quilt Winner
Cuddle of Couch Cockers by Audrey Keebler

2019 Best Miniature Quilt

2019 Best Miniature Winner
A Walk in the Woods. By Audrey Keebler

2019 Gentlemen's Award Quilt

2019 Gentlemen's Choice Award Quilt
Carol Wyllie for her quilt America the Beautiful

2019 Home Decor Winner

2019 Home Decor Viewer's Choice Award
Mr. Bones Jangles by Jerry Wilson

2019 Quilt show Wearable Winner

2019 Wearable viewer choice award winner
Spring Apron Trio. Sponsored by Carol Rollins made by Marie Lucy

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